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Graham and Judy, “find Byron”

Welcome to Egypt!

Our new friends, on our way to the tram – a horse pulling reclaimed street items, our school garden with Bethany (grade 4) teacher looking up at the construction of our middle school classrooms, another of the school garden and the Greek Orthodox church is inside our school compound and is a functionning one.. check out the shadows -just for you, fellow InStriders! Judy says the people in Alex love their shoes! at the coffee shop, Florent and Rachel, our fellow middle school teachers and new friends!! incredible sunset on the Mediterranean. and the running group: two non-Egyptians…us! all between 10 and 25 years old, here I am with my “Honore” Certificate with my new pals. So this morning, while you are all chugging along your 16k route, enjoy the wonderful Manotick weather. And your conversations in English with no sign language. Various pictures at the souk, I am standing next to the bird meat for sale – pigeons! which follows a pic of our grocery store. Then there are pics of the garden outside our apartment, souk near school, Judy, being just a regular shopper in Alexandria, tapestries displayed, a patient donkey on our way to dinner, but first… let me take a selfie!

I took this today, Sept. 14th. There are many kids here who are really street urchins…homeless as far as I know. They ride the tram by jumping on the back and hanging on. Judy on the beach on a balmy September evening, the beach, the sea, and yoga with two lovely Russians, visiting the al alamein military museum in the desert, statue of doves of peace.

Judy hanging laundry on our 7th floor balcony, Judy on the fancy tram, an outdoor patio near home and a fancy tram for five pounds each. Local carpet maker at his machine; we bought this wall hanging from him. This is a blue scarab beetle, an ancient spiritual symbol around here. Finding nails to hang this was quite an effort. Judy with her new plants on the balcony, trying to make it homey. Pictures of our school, a few of our colleagues and the primary playground – note the laundry. Next picture we’re headed to the symphony in the fancy tram, at the biliotheca. Our new nursery, we discovered this spot about a 15 minute walk away at the end of a narrow street – a little piece of heaven here in this busy city; we have some indoor and outdoor plants.. happiness. :) Front hall table, where Judy found the twisted root along a side street bound for the garbage.

This is a pic of us with some of the Grade 6s – there was a dress up day at the school on Thursday, they all dressed to the nines. Souk in Cairo: Judy at night bargaining with the lantern maker. It takes forever to come to an agreement but is a necessary part of the ritual of buying market goods. The market comes to life at night. She got a lovely copper lamp here. Both buyer and seller were happy. Pyramids, beyond understanding. Our guide took these photos. We had booked him from the school and he was full of information. Necessary. At the base of the pyramid: These structures are huge!! Sphinx: The pharaoh had this huge carving built to protect his pyramid.. Head and brains of a man and body and strength of a lion. Ibn Tulun mosque: In Cairo. Built in 842 AD. A grand quiet place. We wore slippers over our shoes to not defile the prayer mats. Judy with slippers. Mineret and huge courtyard. The Pharaohs army of thousands would gather here.

Outside the gate to the President’s Palace.. This is closed to the public and was built by the Egyptian king Foud, who then passed it on to his son. Very elaborate. The kings are long gone but the president uses it as a beach home. Hamlet – the grade 6 kids whose mother tongue is French (or maybe Arabic as well) are learning English with me and here they are .. Hamlet is killing Polonius!! Next photo is the cast answering questions after the performance. Graham in the Choir – back row with the tenors.. At a very old Anglican Church .. St Marks in Alex. Graham just outside the church before the Christmas Choir. Such a lovely place .. Ready to sing. Montazah Palace and Hoagie. This is Hoagie with Judy in the little courtyard at the Stanley Anglican Church on Christmas morning. She is 95. She was born in Alexandria and taught at the Scottish School here. It no longer exists. She speaks 7 languages. She is a product of a time when Alexandria was one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. Judy had a nice little chat with her. This is the Christmas tree. It is a bit short. There are two camels that you have to spot LOL.

Here are some photos from Mary and Brad’s visit. The medieval market Khan el-Khalili where we were having a cup of mint tea and one vendor after another tried to sell us their wares. We were at the El Fishawy Cafe which dates back to 1773. Is it time to renovate? Here’s one of Mary and Brad screwing up their courage to climb down the Great Pyramid. The four of us in front of the pyramid. King Tut’s gold mask which is in the Egyptian Museum (1382) BCE. Mary and Brad playing at the Alex waterfront with the Mediterranean getting crazy in the background.

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These are a few special activities and visits from our last week at home.

James: hundreds of kilometres later

What a perfect send-off for this beautiful, inspiring couple! Lyse wrote that, not Graham :) Thank you Laurie and Tom. xxoo

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