Looking into the future

There are only seven weeks to go until we head to Cairo for our journey home on June 25th. It is difficult not to look ahead but there is so much going on between now and then that Departure Day will probably suddenly materialize out of the blue, like a shock.

There are major school activities almost every week including two out of town field trips that are my responsibility. One is to Luxor, the other to Athens.

The thought of taking twenty-eight Grade 6ers to Luxor and seeing many of the same sites we saw a little over a month ago is actually exciting. Four days and three nights.

The principal, Darren Arbour, and I put together an information letter for the parents which I read to the students on Sunday at 8:15 during our first class. I handed the first letter to the first student and before I dropped the second letter in front of the second student, the first one yelled “we’re going to Luxor!”. So much for my plan to slowly and tantalizingly read the letter to them. Of twenty nine Grade 6 students, twenty seven have signed up, a number I am thrilled with.

We did have an information meeting one night with the parents and that helped a lot because we could deal with concerns directly. All of the parents at the meeting signed up that night, a nice vote of confidence.

The Athens trip is not going to happen but I am hopeful for next year. The seeds have been planted and, now that Judy and I have spent some time in Greece (more on that later), I really want to do it. It would be a great learning experience for the students.

Meanwhile, the younger ones are all over me about the Luxor trip. Roomates are a big issue. They will not be allowed to bring cell phones. That was a big hurdle getting over that with both the students and their parents. Some of the kids have never spent even one night away from their parents so this is a courageous step for their whole families. The parents will have teacher cell numbers and will receive a nightly email with a report of the day’s activities.

Looming over everything is the thought of returning home, helping Mary with her wedding, seeing Ashley and Jon’s new little one and Sarah and Tommy and Lilly and the suddenly chatty Edith. And all of our friends at the Run Club, at Tuesday night yoga and the church and Judy’s former teaching colleagues and friends. Life does not slow down. Ever. That’s the fun of it.

2 thoughts on “Looking into the future

  1. How I envy you your trip to Greece! It always has been my dream to go there.
    It will be wonderful to see you when you return home!

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