Family News!

Jon and Ashley (especially Ashley…she has to do all of the work) are expecting their second child to keep Sawyer company. He or she is due in June which is great timing for us as we hope to be back around June 30th. Congratulations to them!

And, sometime over the course of the summer, Mary and Brad will marry! More on that as time passes.

2 thoughts on “Family News!

  1. Congratulations to Jon and Ashley and both of you , of course. Your visit with Mary and Brad sounds so much fun. What an experience for them! Miss you!!!
    Love, Dorota

  2. Congratulations Granny and Grandpa! Sounds like it will be perfect timing for your June visit! Sawyer will make a wonderful big sister, she is always so loving to her own little “Baby”. You have the most beautiful and brilliant Granddaughters! Must be the great genes!
    Love to you both

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