Two Canadians abroad in Egypt! This is our story. We hope that you enjoy it.

Plus this is a really sweet blog!






14 thoughts on “Home

  1. Judy and Graham I will be miss you both greatly! I wish I could be there tomorrow morning for one last run!
    Wishing you both all the best in your new endeavour. See you next summer!


  2. We watched you fly over Ireland and England :) … will be fun to read your blog!! Have a wonderful adventure, what a great opportunity…have a blast!! Brock & Colleen

  3. Hi Graham and Judy!
    We are so very excited to join you in your adventure through your blog. Hope you are settling in well and are keeping cool.

    We are looking forward to seeing some pics of your apartment soon!

    Lots of love from The Deans

  4. haha Let me take a selfie! You guys still have your wit! Loving the updates and certificates lol Wish I was in your classes!

    Keep posting! We love it!

    Miss you xox

  5. Hi Judy and Graham.
    Cathy informed us of your blog and we are so thankful. It is great to be able
    to hear how you are doing and all of you adventures. Sounds like challenges, learning curves and God’s provision how great is that!!! love Margie and Ray xo

    • Hi Margie and Ray
      It has been an amazing adventure so far!! So great to hear from you. I hope your house is coming along and that you are in it soon.
      The teaching is busy but fun and Alexandria has so much to offer. We could be exploring ancient sites every weekend( Friday and Saturday ) and still not see them all. This really is the centre of the ancient world.
      Take care you two.
      Love Judy

  6. Merry Christmas Judy and Graham. I just read your blog yesterday and love learning things from your stories. What a treat to have Mary and Brad join you
    for Christmas as well as the people you have met. Sounds like you will not know
    how to shop back here in Canada. The price is always fixed lol . We still do not
    have snow which is ok with me. Keep writing so we can keep reading haha.
    I need a good novel for the winter!!! love to you both Ray and Margie xx

  7. Merry Christmas Judy and Graham!
    We will think of you having a ‘warm’ Christmas day Only – 9 here and no snow yet
    Best wishes Kurt and Joan Asmis

  8. Thanks to Margie Harloff who forwarded link to your blog I have been enjoying reading your adventures. What an opportunity to give and receive and delve into a very different culture and geography. Such stalwarts to run in that heat. What an amazing 2016 ahead of you. Best wishes for all that counts. Bev

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